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For future reference.

Thank you.

For those who would ever need it. -C

reblogging here because i can see this being relevant to anyone who’s ever tried to get out of an abusive relationship

Reblogging because that last comment made me reread the whole thing in a new light and realize this could be vital information. So, putting it out there for everyone, and hoping no one ever really needs it.


i hate those people who use a ton of excuses to defend their racist family members. all this, “they’re from a different time.” bullshit. like, grandma could learn how to use a smartphone but she can’t stop calling black people “colored” and all other sort of racist shit?

grandma can adapt just fine when it suits her

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i have such a busy schedule. i may have to cut out “studying” to make room for “crying over tv shows” and “4 hour nap”